Thursday, March 29, 2012

Will it Blend? um... maybe not...

Failures at blending.

Most things blend. Really.

I've been told that even hamburgers blend (I don't have the guts to test this theory, but I believe my source none the less).

Blueberries however have become the bane of our blending existence. We tried twice to make fresh blueberry milkshakes and each time the result was something akin to chunky sweet blueberry cheese. ewww.

A brief scan of the internet seems to confirm that we are not alone in our fresh blueberry troubles, blueberries apparently have a high acid content which makes any dairy they come in contact with curdle. That wasn't the big surprise. The part where it gets weird is that apparently because of a high pectin content the curdled bits quickly start to re-solidify into a semi-solid block or chunky blueberry-dairyness. This makes the whole thing about a million times worse than regular curdled dairy product.

So basically, this post is just a warning, don't mix fresh blueberries and dairy, it's really really gross (and you'll feel sad because you just wasted expensive blueberries). Also, if anyone has a solution, let us know!

Get well soon!
Elizabeth and Nathan

1 comment:

  1. Considering hamburger is already ground meat blending it further probably not that hard ;) :P

    As far as the blueberry thing goes it is interesting that there are many recipes out there on the internet that are fresh blueberry milkshakes with no reports of issues.

    Also ponder this, if acid curdles milk and dairy products how can one make tomato soup with milk or cream?