Sunday, March 11, 2012

We got a Ferrari!

ok. I lied. we got a blender.

but it's a Vitamix, which Nathan says is the Ferrari of blenders. :) Costco carries them in the warehouses every so often and today they were there!!! I am so super duper excited!

I would like to note that I am not alone in my love for blenders. The lady who checked our receipt at the door was also super excited for us when she saw we had one in our cart. I danced all the way to the car in a blender induced daze of pure happiness and joy. When we got home I asked Nathan to take pictures of me with it in the parking lot, because... it turns out I'm a blender dork.

I love you Vitamix,
we are going to blend great things together.

Opening the box

Taaa Daaa!!! Blender Parts!!! :D:D:D

Oh! and a cookbook full of blender recipes, I think we can put this to good use :)

Everything together.

Blending a batch of Fresh Asparagus Soup

So far it's been awesome. I think the biggest difference is that the resulting mixture is much easier for me to strain because the the Vitamix is capable of blending to such a fine consistency. For example, when we make strawberry smoothies I have to put the whole thing through the strainer to remove all the seeds (since Nathan still has to drink through his teeth, if we don't get the seeds out then they all get stuck everywhere in his mouth, not good considering brushing is not trivial). Last night when I made a strawberry smoothie I went to strain it and there were NO SEEDS! MAGIC! I think this blender was invented by unicorns and rainbows and happiness and sunshine and I love it SOOOOO much!

Get well soon!
Elizabeth and Nathan

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