Monday, April 9, 2012

Welcome to our new blog!

Hi Everyone!

When we originally started our blending blog we hadn't really planned on blogging beyond Nathan's recovery period, so a blending related name seemed reasonable. Also, in general, I hate writing... so I figured I probably wouldn't want to blog afterwards anyway. However it turns out blogging is kind of fun, and if I'm sneaky, I can get away with my posts being mostly pictures anyway (ok, and maybe I don't hate writing as much as I thought). 

So welcome to our newly named Bales family blog, named for the long term. :)

Hey, Bales!

and wait for it.....

Hay Bales!

I may also be guilty of pointing and shouting "Oh look! Our FAMILY!!!" every time we drive by farms or trucks stacked with bales of hay. Nathan, is a very tolerant man.

<>< Elizabeth

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