Friday, March 9, 2012

Bubble Tea Date :D

Most date places are out for the moment, but one place that remains on the list is Tapioca Express, the bubble tea shop around the corner from our apartment. When we were dating in college we used to go to a bubble tea place near campus all the time, but when we moved to San Diego we stopped going as often. Now we have a great excuse to renew the tradition. Yay!

Here Nathan shows off his new advanced single eyebrow raising skill. Bruising a nerve can embue you with all kinds of temporary skills like this.

For now Nathan has to avoid ordering drinks with the tapioca at the bottom, since swallowing them whole is not advised. Good thing these drinks are still taste pretty tasty without them. Well, that's actually a stretch, most of them taste good. Nathan for example got a Thai Tea flavored drink which was pretty good. I got a tea called "yogurt green" which tasted odd, the flavor overall was good, but they made the drink super SUPER super sweet. Next time I might skip the adventure and just get the safe black tea flavor. It makes me feel like a boring person every time I order it, but then, it always tastes good, so maybe it's good to be boring sometimes? :)

"yogurt green" flavor tea, not actually recommended...

We are super looking forward to when Nathan is allowed to chew again (he already has a list of places he wants to go when he's better). Until then it looks like fancy drinks will be our stand in for fun dinner dates.

Get well soon!
Elizabeth and Nathan

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