Tuesday, October 14, 2014


We found a really nice pumpkin patch and corn maze by our house a couple years ago. The first year we went it was super muddy so we didn't get to try the maze (seriously, people were coming out of it with mud over their knees). Last year and this year we had better weather luck and the maze was totally traversable with minimal gear. Nathan had to sit this year out because he came down with a fever, but I was able to bring him home some fresh from the farm pumpkin donuts so it wasn't a total loss. 

Picking Pumpkins (they wouldn't let me pick the castle one >:| )

Riding the hay ride!

Traversing the maze. I got a thumbs up from Dale, so I guess we must be going the right way?

Can you spot 10 differences?

Happy Fall!
<>< Liz