Thursday, March 1, 2012


Oral care has been a tough thing since the accident since it turns out regular brushing is pretty much imposible when your jaw is rubber banded shut. In this regard we are actually really lucky because my parents gave us this nifty tool for Christmas. Yes, if you ever wondered what dentists get their children for Christmas/Birthdays, it's usually tools for better oral hygien care.  This little guy basically blasts targeted streams of water in your mouth to keep the spaces between your teeth clean and clear. Really it's similar to flossing, but since it turns out flossing is also impossible when you can't open your mouth this thing has been a life saver.

Now it's not all fun and games. Unlike regular flossing you really have to be paying attention when you use it. For example, last night I sprayed my face, my shirt, and most of the bathroom mirror in my attempt to practice good oral hygien. However, it is totally worth getting yourself in the eye once in a while for how much nicer it feels to have at least some way to clean durring these first few weeks.

Get well soon,

Elizabeth and Nathan

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