Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Peeling LOTS of eggs the fast way.

We got to spend last week with Krista and Jason in upstate New York and it was so nice to get to spend time with them again.  We spent the majority of our time playing badminton, watching old Star Trek, and making lattes on their new espresso machine, but we also got to participate in their church picnic. Krista signed up to bring deviled eggs so in proper picnic fashion we found ourselves late the night before buying 18 eggs from the super market (if you are an organized person you should always buy eggs at least a week before, older eggs are easier to peel).

We tried a new technique for peeling large quantities of eggs and discovered a really great method (just make sure to let the eggs cool fully before you shake them! We waited the first time we did it, and then when we made the video we didn't wait long enough and we had a couple casualties and they were harder to peel... patience is a virtue)

Peeling eggs has always been my least favorite part of making deviled eggs and using this method they basically slide right off. It is the best trick ever! Well either this or the egg separating trick. :)

Happy Peeling!