Tuesday, January 1, 2013

12 Days of Christmas (letter) - July

In which Elizabeth teaches her first University class and we prepare to move.

This photograph pretty much sums up what July looked like for us. 

Our poor apartment, boxes everywhere and me
on the couch working on the next day's lecture.

I'm not sure what possessed me to think that teaching my first class right before we moved was a good idea, but somehow I signed up. Summer classes are accelerated and that means four 1.5 hour lectures a week and two 2 hour labs a week. We actually had to move out of apartment a week before my class ended, so we packed up everything into 2 shippable U-haul pods and some friends blessed us by letting us house sit for them the last week of the quarter. In hind sight it was a great experience, but really bad timing. I am so amazed by Nathan, because he did EVERYTHING for us in July. He did all the packing, the phone calling to get all of our services shut off, the address changes, reserving the U-haul containers, and all of the super fine grain apartment cleaning and scrubbing (he did a great job too, we got our whole deposit back which is unheard of!).

When it was time to actually fill our containers our friends Ethan and Emily, as well as our amazing apartment-mate LB helped us get everything packed away. I did a post about packing so if you'd like to see more chaotic photos click here!

working on the couch in pointe shoes amidst packing chaos
because that is totally normal.
also I think that is a box of chocolates under the tissue box!

The best husband in the world picking up the U-haul

apartment mid-packing,
who knew we had so much stuff... ugh.

We spent the Fourth of July with family friends on top of Mount Soledad (right next to downtown La Jolla). We were pretty lucky cause our fireworks show seemed to go ok. Most of San Diego saw a 15 second show in which all the fireworks were accidentally set off at once. Pretty epic actually, you know you always wondered what that would look like, and now with the magic of youtube you can find out.

A firework that is functioning correctly.
We also got to go up to Disneyland for a day to see the summer/4th of July decorations. Nathan disney dates are always fun, I really like going with him. I think he is my favorite buddy for everything. :D

disney decorations with
copious amounts of Instagram applied.

Fire truck moseying through the new Cars Land.

The true testament to how crazy busy we were, lies in that I did not take a single photo of the penguin in July. Don't worry though, he'll be back in August! I promise! 


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