Monday, August 13, 2012

Packing up and moving out!

We have officially ARRIVED in Seattle! We got help from a lot of people, who we are very grateful for. Lauren, Ethan, Emily, Jeremy, and Aileen thank you so much for helping us pack up and/or letting us live in your house! Lauren, Nathan, Edna, Ryan, Karen, Chad, Oliver, Graeme, Morgan, Lily, Jofish, Erin, Lizzie, Becca, Roshni, and Avi, thank you so much for hanging out with us, sharing your smoked salmon, feeding us brownies, organizing writing dates, sharing yummy meals, letting us hang out with your family, and in general letting us de-stress with you. :)

I broke this post up into a two parts because I took too many pictures and then couldn't decide which ones to delete. Here's some photos from our big packing day. More to come soon covering the rest of the drive up. :)

Slightly blurry photo with Pastor Kenny at CEBC, I think I left a fingerprint on my camera phone lens... whoops.

hanging out in the u-haul rental office

starting to pack up, where did all this stuff come from?!?

getting the tv back in it's box, glad we saved it!

We filled two of these!!

Very glad Ethan was able to come to help with the heavy lifting. :)

Regent's Pizza Break. Artichoke and spinach stuffed pizza.

contemplating the situation to find best attack angle

Last look at the bed. Nathan built this for us out of 4x4s. 

when everything gets to be too much you can always look for shelter in a rubbermaid!

break before regrouping...

putting in the last things.

and fish taco celebration at the Fish Shop in PB! Best onion rings ever! oh also the fish tacos are really good too!

Thank you for helping everyone!


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