Saturday, December 29, 2012

12 Days of Christmas (letter) - April

In which we have guests, Elizabeth serves on her first PC, and Nathan starts to chew!

In April Nathan was finally able to go see the dentist to get his tooth repaired. His front tooth had snapped in half when he fell on it, leaving the bottom missing and part of the back open. Dentists find it difficult to work on teeth when you're not able to open you mouth, so with his arch bars off, April was the perfect time to say "aaaah."

enjoying the botanical gardens at Balboa Park
Nathan was also starting to feel a lot better which was wonderful because Kyle and Kate, our good friends from undergrad, came for a visit. We had been planning to have them down ever since we moved, but one thing lead to another and we realized with Nathan starting his job in August it was now or never. I'm glad they didn't pick never, because we had a  great time exploring Balboa Park, The Safari Park, Disneyland, and Torrey Pines with them.

And now brief interlude for a photo series featuring elephants setting a bad example:

step 1

step 2

Step 3

Naughty Elephants.

Interlude over.

Here I am on the same day doing my best impression of a tree in a zoo bird show.

looks kinda like Zazu

In the middle of April I served on my first program committee, helping select papers for the MobileHCI conference. We met in South Bay and it was actually much less stressful than I expected, due mainly to some really good organizing. It was a great chance to meet some new people and also see some old friends. I don't have any pictures... so you'll just have to imagine a bunch of academics sitting in a room together talking about mobile device research (ok, maybe that wouldn't have been photo worthy anyway). We drove both ways so Nathan was able to come with me too. It's always so much better when we can go places together. :) 

April ended with our annual girls weekend in Mammoth. We were actually supposed to do this in February, but I didn't feel comfortable leaving Nathan yet because it was right after his accident. April was a lot warmer and we decided that hiking might be a better option than skiing. It was super pretty and we also spent one evening cooking, buying domain names, and making webpages, because that is a totally normal girls weekend activity... I think... yeah.

Still some snow left!

cooking! right before the webpage building part.

falling in snow drifts


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