Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Birthday Dreams Finally Came TRUE!! (part of the post backlog)

August 2nd is always an important day in the Bales household. One year after I decided to be born on that fabulous day (an undisclosed number of years ago), Nathan also decided that would be an awesome day to be born. The consequence of these decisions is that every year we plan together how we should share the celebration of surviving one more year. :)

The day started with me (Liz) teaching class and going to a meeting, but quickly improved with Nathan picking me up from school and whisking me over Shakespeare's Tea Room for High Tea. This part was actually Nathan's choice. When we first got married he was pretty skeptical of the concept of high tea, but his skepticism evaporated as soon as he saw what it meant (basically a meal made 2/3 out of cake).  Since discovering "cake meal" (as high tea is affectionately called in our house) he's been a pretty big proponent of making sure we go at least once a year. 

Here's Nathan with our cake meal. Notice 1 plate of sandwiches, 2 plates of cakes.

After tea we hit the road and made the journey north to Disneyland for dinner at Napa Rose (my favorite restaurant ever!) We sat at the chef counter where the chef prepares each dish specifically for you (you don't have to order, they just ask you the kinds of things you like and they make the food for you). We also had a fantastic Sommelier which made dinner even better. I somehow imported all these photos backwards, so please enjoy this birthday dinner recap starting with desert first. :)

Nathan's Birthday Dessert, a lemon creme brule with fresh raspberried.

My dessert, a really yummy s'more type thing except there was also ice cream! :D

The talented Tanya makes heirloom tomato salads, she was really nice and let me take this photo. (This is the view from our table/counter)

Nathan's Oxtail Ravioli

My rabbit meatloaf with carrot puree.

Nathan's sustainable white sea bass with fennel sauce, potatoes, peas, and some other yummy sauce.

My scallop with lemon lobster sauce and frilly potato things. 

Nathan's prosciutto and heirloom peach salad

My heirloom tomato salad

Salmon, caviar, and creme fraiche on a blini to start things off. 

After dinner we went to the park to enjoy the fireworks show and ride some of our favorite rides. 

They made us these buttons to wear and everyone kept wishing us happy birthday. :)
I was the happiest ever.

After nearly 6 years of living in California we finally got to go to Disneyland on our birthday. My life is now complete. :D


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