Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mammoth - Girls Weekend 2013

I am super happy to have the best academic sisters you could ask for. They are crazy smart and fun, and you can talk about anything with them. Also, there is zero drama, which is a coveted and cherished quality in girlfriends. :) Our academic sister Lisa lives in Mammoth, now that she's graduated, and every year we try to have a reunion together, to ski/snowboard, cook, watch movies, outlet shop, and eat the amazing Schat's cheesy bread. 

meeting Wooly the Mammoth at the top of the
mountain! (photo credit Sarah)

Last year we had a last minute reschedule because Nathan broke his jaw the the week before we were supposed to head up, so Sarah and I rescheduled to drive up later. This was a very fun trip which you can read about here, but it meant that we missed Roshni, our super awesome academic sister who was flying in and couldn't change her plans. Roshni and Lisa had a good time, but we were all super looking forward to this year when we could finally be all together. 

This year everything was scheduled perfectly, until a Roshni's plane was coming in for it's landing, after circling and making one attempt, the captain announced there was a mechanical failure and they were flying back to SFO instead of landing. There are so few flights to Mammoth, United couldn't reschedule her until after her return flight on Sunday so they reimbursed her tickets instead. Now we will wait one more year to see if we can finally reunite. Here's hoping that third time's the charm!

We did have a good time just the three of us. Here's some pictures: :)

Hot Chocolate and German Chocolate
Cake at the top of the mountain!
(Photo credit Sarah)

The view from the top of Mammoth Mountain!

Skiers and Boarders prepare for going down black diamond
runs (don't worry... we stuck to green runs,
much more fun/doable!)

Some Joshua Trees on the drive back to San Diego

Reuniting of the fluffy gang!


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