Monday, February 18, 2013

Cascades Camp - Feb 2013

The first week of February we went with our new church in Washington to Cascades Camp and Conference Center for a retreat. Nathan and I both worked at Cascades for a summer so it was super fun to be back. This time was extra special because we got to go with our friend Margaret who move up with us from San Diego (she used to be one of my trusty Disneyland buddies, now we'll need to find cool Northwest stuf to do! maybe we can just go to Disneyland still... we'll have to see). 

Horse and Mount Rainier

We heard from John Kiemele from the Selah Center. Selah is a word in the Bible that is seen in the Psalms. I don't think we have the exact word equivalent in English, but it basically means to take a moment to pause and reflect. Pausing is something that is hard to do and for me it helps to have structured pausing. I know that sounds kind of counter intuitive, but setting aside time to think and reflect helps me a lot (camp not having wireless internet, or phone coverage also helped a lot).

Mountain is behind us, but we had a hard time
figuring out where to put our heads... oh well :)

It was also a time to get to know our church better.  Margaret went on a fun walk with some of the ladies from our church, and I went on a horse back ride with some of the middle school girls (so... maybe I never gave up the childhood dream of owning a horse, this is as close as I've gotten so far though...). One of the things I love about our church is how intergenerational it is. We hung out with toddlers, teenagers, people our age, middle aged folks and retirees and everyone was awesome and fun.

Mount Rainier with teeny tiny horses in the field.

Nathan and Little Babar enjoying the
view of Elbow Lake from our window. Selah?


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