Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer Blackberries

The end of summer is hard to accept. One of the things that makes it easier in the Pacific Northwest is the arrival of blackberry season. Before today we had dabbled in a bit of urban foraging here and there on evening walks through our neighborhood. Today we committed, grabbed a bucket, and engaged in some serious berry picking.
Rule #1: Berries that are still warm from the
sun are to be eaten immediately.

This Seattle tradition runs deep, my dad took us when we were little (although we weren't really very helpful, and mostly just ate the berries) and the local practice was even feature on NPR several years ago. As noted by NPR, the plant is classified as a Class C noxious weed, which basically means it's totally invasive and grows everywhere. We have already experienced pulled armfuls or volunteer blackberries out of our backyard, we may partially submit to home grown bushes one day, but for now we are trying to limit our yard work to the variety that doesn't require rental goats to keep it under control.

Rule #2: Wear long pants, unless you you want to look
like you lost a war with a vengeful cat.

The bushed we visited today are some Nathan discovered when he was walking to work. They grow right next to the sidewalk and it's pretty common to see people stop to munch on a few as they walk past. On our way to this patch we also passed a small park that was covered with berry bushes with a little windy path making it's way through the berry packed bushes. 

Rule #3: Don't stop to eat too many berries or your
husband might walk off without you.

It didn't take long to pick enough for a pie (the goal). If we are successful hopefully I will post the yummy pie recipe soon!

Happy berry pickers, dreaming of pie.
Happy Picking!
<>< Elizabeth


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