Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Visiting Adventures

We have been super lucky in the last few weeks to have some of our favorite people visit us. With all this visiting there hasn't been much time for cooking (or at least cooking with my camera), so I thought I'd share some pictures of our adventures instead.

Thunder Mountain with Kyle and Kate (my favorite ride!) I might have made them go on it... oh... at least 3 times?

Kyle and Kate came to visit us for a weekend which was so so so fun. We were hoping they would have a chance to come down before we graduated and we are so glad they made it. It was Kate's first time to Disneyland ever and she did an excellent job. She and Kyle were even selected to star in a cowboy comedy show. I have a video but they would probably kill me if I posted that, so here is an attractive still photo instead.

Stealing the show :)

We were also lucky to have another friend from undergrad visit SoCal. I was able to visit Disneyland with her for an evening and we enjoyed wearing wearing out mickey hats (her's is a mickey storm trooper hat which is AWESOME, unfortunately my camera didn't capture it well, please imagine this).

About to embark on Haunted Mansion

 In a change of pace we spent a lovely day with Lisa and Ben at the San Diego Zoo. They were in town from Texas to visit family and came in a couple days early. We were happy to get to spend some time catching up and looking at cool animals. 

San Diego Zoo with Ben and Lisa

We were also delighted to get to see our friend Jessica for her 30th birthday at Disneyland. It was so nice to walk around the park with her and hear how her life is going. We even got to go to Flynn's Arcade in California Adventure's Electronica which hosts a room full of arcade games from the 80's for just 25 cents each! We played original Mario and Dig Dug. We died embarrassingly fast, but still had a pretty good time. She even arranged for a fancy dinner at the chef counter at Napa rose which was amazingly delicious. Really, that could be a whole blog post, the food was so good!  :)

Jessica's amazing 30th birthday dinner. :)

We are so glad that everyone was able to come see us before we graduated. Thank you so much for making the trip down and we can't wait to see you agin!


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